Do you find your current online marketing plans are not effective? You’ve signed so many plans and used so many methods (SEO, PPC, Facebook, Twitter etc) but none of them seemed to have worked and sometimes even there are no phone calls? If you have the above said problems, then you may want to re-design your website.

Introduction to Automatic Closing System (A.C.S)

A.C.S is a revolutionary system that not just can boost your website traffic automatically but also can bring you more qualified leads through our revolutionary automatic follow up system, and thus close more deals for you!

Why You Need to Install our A.C.S Now?

  1. Get your Visitors Excited by Your Products or Services. We find that 99% of business owners are doing it wrong. They only tell their customers that what they are offering but don’t telling their customers of why they must buy from you.

    Our consultants will tell you what to do on your current website, so that you will attract more phone calls or inquiries and hence have highers chance to close the business deals.

  2. Reduce Your Labor Costs. We all know that “Time” equals to “Money”. Therefore by installing our unique A.C.S, your will NOT have to allocate your staff to type in potential customers details into your company customer database ever again! Thus save your labor time and costs.
  3. Help your Potential Customers to Trust you More. In the marketing world, people believe that any potential customers will need to see you marketing messages at least seven times before they will make an action. The reason of it because your potential customers are NOT trusting you enough. So by integrating industry leading email marketing system, our A.C.S lets you to send suitable follow up messages to your potential customers automatically and thus increase your chance of getting more business!


Successful Case Studies

Client A: businesses: Lubricants for cars Wholesale: Make over $50 million in revenue after installing our A.C.S

1 year after using our A.C.S successfully connected with 50 distributors and make $50 million in total revenue.

Client B: Eyesight Protection Lamps manufacturers: From $10 revenue in a year to $100 million revenue in one year.

And many more successful cases!

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