According to Facebook has 800 around million users worldwide, so do you grab this opportunity and market your products or services online using this channel?

Case Study: MOE’s Place Restaurant

The client, Moe’s place restaurant would like to get more customers by using Facebook as their marketing channel. To do that, our team proposed to give away discount coupons to the Facebook users by building a Facebook fan page and asked the users to:

  1. Be a member of the client’s Facebook Fan Page
  2. Share the client’s fan page with users’ friends inside Facebook willingly
  3. Track how many discount coupons are actually given away and how many users actually used them

Facebook Page Design

A Facebook fan page is a must if you want to reach your targeted demographics (ideally 18-24) on Facebook. The below are some of the designs we made before:

Facebook Fan Page Management

Facebook is a good tool to engage your targeted customers there. However, there are two biggest problems to engage your fans namely:

  1. Find fresh contents that can engage your fans (attract user shares or like)
  2. Monitor Your fans activity so that there will be no unacceptable or illegal behaviors that will damage your brand reputations

Benefits of using SEO Asia as your social marketing agency

  1. have expertise to know what works and what doen’t work on Facebook marketing
  2. industry leading propitiatory monitoring tools to sneak peek on how your competitors are doing on Facebook marketing
  3. save your time and hassle by closely monitor your fan page activities (make sure they are clean of user’s advertisements or bad comments) and your time to train your staff to properly market your product on this channel.

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