Why Mobile?

It’s the latest trend

According to Gartner* , by 2013 mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide, and there is 68% mobile penetration in Asia alone. So if your company doesn’t have a solid mobile marketing plan, you are going to loose your market share definitely!

$1500 Worth of Marketing Coupons as Bonus*

  1. Experienced team – SEO Asia is partnered with the most experienced mobile apps development team in Hong Kong.
  2. $1500 worth of Mobile Apps marketing coupons* – after we finish your apps, we will market it to our top apps download forums and blogs which have around 12,000 visits per month. And of those targeted groups, we have around 50% male and 50% female readers in Hong Kong. That alone will help to get your mobile application noticed by these users.

What we offer?

Mobile Website Building – A wider market targeting

A website that can fit into a normal PC’s screen doesn’t automatically mean it will fit into the screen of a mobile device. That means if you need people to “zoom in” by using their fingers on their small mobile devices before they can see the site clearly, they will most likely leave.

Wider audience base

A mobile website can be supported by any smartphones that includes iPhone, any Andriod phone, blackberry etc. So if you are targeting a wider audience base you may want to develop a mobile website.

Cost Effective

Generally speaking, a mobile website is a more cost effective solution if you’re just starting up and wish to have a wider reach. Call us now on 2773-6146 to get a quote or leave a message here and we will get back to your ASAP.

Mobile Apps Development – Niche market targeting

A mobile application is more like a niche market targeting tool because it only works for a particular model such as iPhone.

However, mobile Apps extend the functionality of a mobile website and provide more complex features to enhance the user experiences. Hence it is still a good marketing tool to extend your reach in the Mobile atmosphere.

To find out what SEO Asia Mobile Marketing can do for you, 2733-6146 to speak to our customer representatives now!

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